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Marvel is still having computer issues but these will (hopefully!) be fixed by next Thursday (not tomorrow) and we'll resume raids then. Sorry for the delay!
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Okay, so, there's been some talk of changing from Friday back to Monday! WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THIS.

Let me know here or in-game ASAP if you have strong feelings on the subject either way, please.
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Hey guys, Marvel here, just wanted to remind everyone that our first raid will be on the 18th of October, six days from now. As planned, we'll be heading into normal-difficulty Mogu'shan Vaults. Once there, we'll probably attempt the first boss a few times to learn the mechanics, and if after a few tries downing it isn't an option we'll call it a night, with Friday reserved for doing some heroics runs to gear up during what would normally be our second raid night. The Friday heroics runs aren't mandatory, but I recommend showing up anyway, especially if pugging isn't your thing. Either way, for Thursday October 18th all core team members/hopefuls for the 10th (DPS) spot should be on and ready for invites at 8:15 server time.

Ahead of time, please make sure you:

- have all your enchants (all blue items should definitely be enchanted, and I'd recommend throwing enchants on your greens as well if you don't replace them all before raid)
- have the best quality gems in all your sockets
- have your own food, flasks, and potions on hand--if you can't make them yourself, work something out with the people on this handy list


and yes, that icon is quetzal on a yak. don't judge.
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This is so all you awesome people know who to hit up for your various profession needs. Which you'll all be doing well before raid time, right?


list under here )
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The loot council is made up of the Raid Leader and Raid Assists. Although we expect open rolls to happen a large percentage of the time, decisions about who gets loot may be made without them based on various factors--including attendance/performance--and following the guidelines listed under the cut.

click me for loot council guidelines )

or for those not on the loot council, click me for guidelines as to how all this actually works )
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Raid Leader: Marvel (Quetzalcoatl/Kernelsprite)
Raid Assists: Nil (Calibrator), Crow (Zenku/Duibhin), Liz (Rekalai), and Owen (Taernoth)
Schedule: Thursdays and Mondays 8:30-11:30 PM server time (EST), starting October 18th.

code of conduct under here )


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