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The loot council is made up of the Raid Leader and Raid Assists. Although we expect open rolls to happen a large percentage of the time, decisions about who gets loot may be made without them based on various factors--including attendance/performance--and following the guidelines listed under the cut.

1. Main spec before off spec, mains over alts.

2. Core team gets priority over reserves.

3. Upgrade before sidegrade.

4. Healers and tanks before DPS, in the majority of cases. (An undergeared DPS is much easier to compensate for than an undergeared tank/healer.)

5. Due to their dynamic nature, trinkets will be given special consideration. We don't want a BiS trinket for one class going to a class it's only mediocre for.

6. We will try to prioritize raiders who have not won anything yet that lockout before raiders who have.

Special tier token guidelines:

1. Those with no two-set will be prioritized over those with a two-set; likewise for four-set.

2. Raiders who are close to obtaining a two- or four-set may be favored.

3. Tokens are considered separate from normal gear and whether or not a raider has already won something will not matter for token rolls.

Loot council will take place as follows:

1. The loot council will deliberate on each piece of gear individually. The raid leader will link the piece of gear that is currently being decided on in /raid warning.

2. Every raider who wants to be considered for that piece of gear should link their current equipped gear in /raid along with "MS" or "OS" (ex. [LINK GOES HERE] MS). For tokens, please include the number of tier pieces you currently have (ex. [LINK GOES HERE] MS 3). If you are eligible but do not want the piece, simply type "pass."

3. Once every eligible raid member has weighed in, the loot council will proceed in a separate channel.

4. The gear will then be passed to whoever the loot council decides upon. In many cases, the loot council may decide to have equally eligible raid members roll for the piece.

5. If you have questions/concerns about how loot was distributed, please take it up with a member of the loot council sometime after raid so we can explain and take your feedback into account for next time.


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